SteerRight: “Little Help, Big Difference”

Mission Statement

Steerright operates on the principle of “Little Help Big Difference” (LHBD), and committed to providing high quality community based services through active involvement of the local community. We will work to develop individuals and communities to support those less able within our community and empower them with little help to make a big difference within their communities.

Our Values

We have adopted the following values in order to reflect our commitment to providing excellent services and the empowerment of the communities that we work with:

  • Respecting all members of the communities and valuing their diversity.
  • Efficiently and effectively using our resources to maximise benefits to our clients, partners and stake holders
  • Being a learning organisation that promotes the highest level of knowledge and experience for the communities that we work with, and within our staff.
  • Working for continuous improvement to the services we deliver to communities and individuals.
  • Providing local services to meet the needs of local people
  • Developing and strengthening communities and empowering them to have real control over their lives and destinies.

Our Objectives

We intend to develop a full business plan to support its activities.

In order to support the development of this business plan, LHBD will carry out a number of assessment exercises including SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and STEP analysis (social, technological, economic and political). The aim of these assessments would be to look across the range of services we intend to provide and at the environment and circumstances we operate within. Critically, we would try to identify areas of any potential weakness and those areas where we are relatively strong.  As a result we have developed a number of key objectives under five key areas:  (1) Governance, (2) Community and Involvement, (3) Organisation and Strategy, (4) Our Finances and (5) Our Services.

Each heading will be expanded to set out some clear objectives.

1. Governance

Under this heading, we will define our Constitution, Equal opportunity and diversity policies, communication and other policies, which govern our activities. One of our key targets under this heading is to aim to become a fully recognized not-for-profit charitable organization.

2. Communities and Involvement

Under this heading, we will define our involvement within the community and we will define a set of policies that guides how we deal with community involvement; especially about organizing activities to bring people together.

3. Organization and Strategy

Under this heading we will define our staffing structure and how we will run the organization to benefit the communities we work with.

4. Finance

Under this heading, we will define how we intend to ensure that our organization is set and remains under a sound financial footing. Clear guidelines on finance will be specified and key objectives will be set.

5. Our Services

Under this heading, we will set out the services we intend to provide to the communities we work with, individuals, partners and stakeholders.

Clear targets will be set and how each service will be achieved will also be defined backed with evidence of how targets will be achieved.

Our organization will run community projects that are evidence-based and clear targets will be set to achieve the objectives. Below is a summary of these services:

  1. 1.  One-to- One Life style Coaching for young ones in school & their families
  2. 2.  Empowering young ones to become community activators (champions) of positive changes to communities
  3. 3.  Healthcare services empowering communities to take control of their health and lead active healthy lives
  4. 4.  Community development activities that will bring communities together and promote cohesive and tolerant communities
  5. 5.  Active learning schemes that will bridge skills gap to empower people to feel valued


At present the following individuals who have chosen to contribute their time to make a positive difference to other people’s lives lead our growing organisation:

  1. Mrs Dankey Samuels –
  2. Michael Orey – Director/Company Secretary – I.T /finance Management consultant and active community developer
  3. Grace Chu – Independent Adviser – Bio-medical research scientist
  4. Dennis O’Brien – Independent Adviser  –
  5. Clare ‘O’Brien – Independent Adviser
  6. Francesca Sylvan – Director/Financial Adviser
  7. Rev Sister Josephine Udie hhcj – Project Coordinator / Health & Behavioural Change/ Lifestyle Coach Expert
  8. Dr. Alfred Banya – Deputy Director of Public Health, Lewisham

SteerRight Registered Company: 7516999